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Grafika przedstawia 7 dzieł sztuki - Strona główna

How it works

How to make money?
Primary market

In the primary market there are 19 sessions of selling pieces of image, in each session the smart contract draws and awards prizes for participating in the purchase, this can be called a kind of Airdrops.

Primary Market
Drawing of prizes in sessions

For example, if you buy one token for 0.0236 ETH, you can win an amount 10 times higher, or 0.236 ETH. In the primary market, every person who buys at least one part of the image participates in the draw.

You're more likely to start

It pays to participate in the first phase of the primary market sale, as there is a very good chance of receiving 10 times the reward of your contribution.

If you do not manage to get a reward, nothing is lost, because you can keep your token for many years and keep getting rewards from farming, or you can immediately sell your token on the secondary market for a higher price.

After Market
Secondary market

The secondary market is the trading of pieces of a painting. In a nutshell, it's selling at a higher price the pieces of the painting bought on the primary market, and trading and speculating on the pieces of the painting bought on the secondary market.

Smart contract

The project in its entirety is managed solely by smartcontracts, once saved smartcontract in the blockchain sect can not be changed.

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Smart contract will pay out prizes in each of the 19 sessions on the primary market. In addition, each wallet which collects a sufficient number of tokens will be rewarded with an automatic reward payment for being the first to collect appropriate percentage of tokens.

Main prize

Main prize - if 10927 NFT of the image is in one wallet, i.e. the entire image is collected into one wallet, the smart contract will deposit into that portfolio the grand prize collected in the wallet for that purpose.

Grand Prize Amount

What will be the amount of the grand prize ? We don't know, because 2.5% of the fee from each transaction on the secondary market will be transferred to a wallet accumulating ETH intended for the payment of the grand prize. However, we do know the minimum amount, it is over 9689,200 ETH.

Decentralized oil painting

Why do we say that this painting is decentralized? Because from the moment you buy a piece of the image in the primary market, the owner of the part of the image becomes the buyer, i.e. the wallet owner. The bought piece of the image is an NFT token and is transferred to the new owner, the wallet.

Conversely, when you sell your piece of painting on the secondary market, for the duration of the NFT token being offered for sale, your ownership is not and never will be transferred to us.

But if someone buys the piece you are offering, the transaction will take place peer to peer between your wallet and the buyer's wallet. As you can see, from the moment the token is sold, the portal does not have the possibility to manage its own property, but it can give additional rewards to the owners of the pieces by means of a smart contract.