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About the project

Art Investments
The modern Art market

Modern art market is a phenomenon which began to form in the half XIX century.

It can be said that it was started by a group of art dealers who were characterized by exceptional peculiarity, vision and faith in the meaning of their actions. Thanks to them, European art has become known all over the world.

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Art and modern technology

Today, NFT is a truly modern art market. Thanks to modern technology of works of art it’s impossible to counterfeit because each token is unchangeable and unique. If you buy a piece of token, you are assured that nobody else will be able to claim it as theirs.

You are a collector

A true collector keeps their art for years, so feel free to buy it and discover for yourself how much it will be worth in years to come.

Primary Market
Hold & Earn

Additionally, by keeping a piece of the painting in your wallet, after a year you will be receiving rewards for having a piece of the NFT token.

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You’re a Trader

If you are a dealer, you can buy cheaper and sell more expensive selected image pieces. With the decentral-art platform's trading tool, if you buy a piece of an image early enough for the lowest possible price, you can immediately put it up for sale at a much higher price.

After Market
Collect and earn more

You can earn even more by collecting 0.5% of the total pool of 10927 NFT - chunks of the image, or 54 NFT You will be rewarded with 10% of the amount of the wallet in which the main prize is collected. Minimum 4,081 ETH. Further rewards are 1% (6,856 ETH) , 2% (21,926 ETH) 3% (34,203 ETH) ...rewards are paid up to 89%.

You are a speculator

But will investing in a piece of painting be lucrative?

Looking at how the system was programmed and structured to sell the image cut into 10927 NFT pieces, the fact that it was split into 19 sessions, and each of those sessions has an increasing price.

This alone, will cause the price of a previously bought piece of the image to increase exponentially according to the Fibonacci sequence from F_{1}=F_{2}=1} with each successive session.

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Buy and sell image parts

So just buy a token and resell it slightly below the price of the next session. In addition, each session provides prizes, of course awarded randomly and here you have to count on pure chance and luck. But just growing tokens in your portfolio means hight profit from each piece of the picture you hold.

Collecting pieces of the image

Additionally, if you as a speculator want to make even more profit from your investment, start accumulating tokens. For accumulating 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 8% ...and so on up to 89% of the pieces of the picture, smartcontract will autoamptically pay rewards to your wallet.

After Market
Aftermarket trading

Another benefit is trading tokens on the secondary market. You can put your tokens up for sale at any time for a much higher price than the purchase price.

Image value increases

You will see how much that little piece will be worth in a few - a dozen years. Additionally, by keeping a piece of the picture in your portfolio, you will be rewarded after just one year just for owning and holding one NFT token.

Isn't that fascinating?

The art world has its laws

The world of art is governed by its own laws. It is not just about the message and artistic qualities, but for some time now, it has also been about the lucrativeness of artworks.

It is the lucrativeness of the artwork that is the most important factor for any speculator to decide to enter into speculation. In addition, there are factors that can increase the susceptibility to the emergence of a speculative bubble, primarily irrationality and asymmetry of information. From an economic point of view, for example, the purchase of a millimeter, centimeter or square meter of canvas at a high price is not a logical decision. The situation does not change if we add to it the so-called emotional value of a work of art, which is the key concept here.